Tasveer teri hai band kitaabo mein meri,

Kitaabe kholu toh awaaz teri hi toh hai.

Taaro ki gardish mein raatein dekhu toh,

Sawaalo ke jawaabo mein nagma tera hi toh hai.

Hawa se baatein karu bhi toh mai,

Gungunana usse naam tera hi toh hai.

I Keep Thinking

The lights are dim,

And I keep wondering,

About the evening,

When only silence spoke,

In poetries and songs.

The lights are dim,

And I keep thinking,

About you and your thoughts,

That keep you awake at night,

Hoping I could stop them somehow.

The lights are dim,

And I keep remembering,

Everything I said,

And everything I still want to say,

But, I’ll let my poems speak my heart today and everyday.

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Here By My Side

I wish the universe was a little more magical,

When I missed you last night,

And you knew,

Without me saying it out loud.

Like you know,

That I’ve written something new,

A lot before I read it for you,

As if the universe tells you about it, in a way proud;

Of me writing something,

Waiting to be read,

And knowing that I wish,

You were here by my side.

Hold Me

My spine is too tired,

Of holding the weight of this body,

Each vertebrae is now screaming to let go,

Of something they no longer want to hold.

My rib cage is too tired too,

Of caging this heart,

That is bursting with feelings,

It can’t hold anymore.

So, hold me, before I break,

With your spine and ribs,

And everything that can hold me,

From breaking apart like this.

Ab Kya Karu?

Aankhon mein sapne ab bhi hai,

Pehle se zyaada, ab kya karu?

Kuch chote toh kaafi bade bhi hai,

Hakeekat se zyaada, ab kya karu?

Irrado ke saath ab bharosa bhi hai,

Apne se zyaada, apno ka, ab kya karu?

Rukna nahi mujhe toh udna bhi hai,

Thode se bahut zyaada, ab kya karu?

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Sure Thing

The corridors are new,

But I know faces few,

Relieved to see them again,

Even if they go,

They’ll be back I know,

For these are strange days, sure thing.

The ones I don’t know,

Have a very friendly flow,

I wish I could see them again,

Even if they go,

They’ll remember me I know,

For these moments are precious, sure thing.

Lost / Ray Of Hope

I’m tired of looking for that ray of hope,

That helps me survive the day,

Or sometimes make a tough day seem bearable.

And yet, today, I’m searching for it,

Way past sunset,

A ray of hope that will keep me going through the night,

Without giving up.

For now, I’m not sure,

If I have anything to give up anymore,

For now, I’ve lost,

Everything that belonged to me.

Missing Out

I’m missing out on the hot April sun of Bombay burning my skin.

I’m missing out on the cool breeze under the huge banyan tree of a random city park.

I’m missing out on the sunsets by the beach and watching little kids see the expanse of the ocean for the first time.

I’m missing out on being out late at night and looking at the moon as it follows me home.

I’m missing out on the texts that my friends send me when I’ve not reached home yet, “Tell me when you reach home?” / “Did you get the train?” / “Where did you reach?”

I’m missing out on being rebellious and reaching home late making my mom equally worried and angry.

I’m missing out on first dates and then asking friends to create a fake emergency to bail out.

I’m missing out on listening to music while riding a late Mumbai local and staring at people on the train and wonder how did their day go?

I’m missing out on talking to those random people on the trains and sometimes share the most happiest and saddest moments.

I’m missing out on everything that used to happen that made life life.

I’m missing out on life.

I’m missing out.

I’m missing.


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Conversations In A Parallel Universe

What if we keep on talking,

After we stop talking in this universe,

And keep the conversation going,

Where we actually say,

Everything that we wanted to in this universe,

But, didn’t, for multiple reasons.

Making our life full of different scenarios,

And different conversations,

Taking birth from the one,

We kept having that night,

In a parallel universe,

Until the moment we stop,

But we continue, in some other universe,

Regardless of the fact that,

We exist in another universes,

Where probably we don’t talk anymore.

But, here, we do,

And in another parallel universe, we do.

That’s what matters I think.

Missing / Breathing

It’s so easy to miss someone,

You just happen to do it,

Like breathing,

Naturally in a way,

But feeling,

Every breath,

So intensely,

That you realise,

Of your existence,

Without them,

And how quiet everything is,

In absence of their presence.