Circus Master

No one has the right to say to anyone to behave in a certain manner emotionally.

While some of you might think it’s no big deal but that action is just like a circus master holding a whip high in the air, right in front of the lion and wanting him to jump through a ring.

He won’t do it until he is beaten up. Similarly, the person won’t smile until all the other emotions are beaten by him and let the smile over power them all.

So, don’t smile if you don’t feel like. Faking it will just suppress the other emotions which will be an injustice for them.



Don’t assume to be a sweet, innocent, calm, humorless girl; I’m very well equipped to be angry, evil, unpredictable and full of sarcastic taunts.

I’m the not the ordinary girl you see everyday. You’ll make a mistake if you believe so. I’m not the one you think of you know, I’m unpredictable, sometimes, even for my own self.


You won’t know how tough it is hold all the messed up emotions inside you.

You won’t know how hard it is express them to let go.

You won’t know the harshness of repeated taunts, ignorance and tagging someone as an introvert or not the type.

You won’t know because you’ve been at a place to experience it.

You won’t know because you’re not empathetic enough to understand it.

You won’t know and no one would want you, an awful human being to know all this.


The best part of ignoring all the work you’ve to do and chill is you do the pending work with either more enthusiasm or do it without any effort.

One needs to chill and just ignore all the work at some point because you need to reward yourself of all the hardwork you’ve been doing from a long long time.

One should not feel guilty of chilling because, damn, don’t you deserve to be rewarded for all the stress you’ve been holding up all week and all day long?

Live, chill, ignore work and don’t blame me if you’re not able to focus back.

I didn’t say anything wrong! 😛


It is a time when I am both thankful and happy that the week is over.

Uninteresting things, uninteresting people, uninteresting discussions sum it all.

It feel terrible to have such a pathetic week altogether. I cannot recollect a single good thing happening in the whole week.

I just hope the coming week is good or at least not as worse as this week was.


When you cannot listen to your own voice,

You comment that others are making noise.

It is all about listening to yourself in the loudest of times, rather than letting the external sounds deaf you down.


I wonder, deeply, thoroughly, with all the senses active, what will happen if people agree to others opinions respectfully for once and not want the world to be compromise for a miniscule change, disrupting things on a very large scale.

Will stones break, will roads be swallowed by the extreme force of the power within the earth, will the sky tear off to reveal fairies in devil horns, will the earth be hit by a meteor, causing a fatal catastrophe?

I think not.