The night makes the roads different,

The low light has it’s effects,

The known ways seem like a maze,

As if they have never been tread.

Oh, it is a lovely time to be out,

If not the anxiety accompanying me,

Anyway it’s just a thought,

Of getting lost in it’s company.

Heart On My SleeveĀ 

I carry my heart on my sleeve,

To give it to souls beautiful and lovely,

It has been broken too often lately,

But is stronger than ever.

It says please don’t do this to me again,

The mind conflicts,

Saying why not?

If only I could give it,

I would take it back from you at all.

4 AM

The smiles which keep you awake at night,

And the mornings when they won’t let you sleep,

The people who are great but you cannot keep,

The 4 am is made for that,

For loving you and for the memories sweet.

Emotions of the day

There are some days where there are too many emotions over powering you. Your day might start with anger burning inside you turning your mood off continuing to go normal and occasional spur of emotions and then finally ending while eating ice cream and writing your blog for the day.

Well, the day has not actually ended yet. 


Say out things loud and clear to yourself. If they don’t sound good to you, change them as you want them to be. Don’t complain. Don’t give excuses. Don’t regret.

Fly, I say.

Is it easy?

It is easy to say than to do, don’t over think.

It is easy to believe than to accept it.

It is easy to say that failures are the stepping stones to success than to go through the same thing again and again yet feel devasted a little more every time.

It is easy to do everything yet it is not easy enough to do it too.


It never happens.

I keep searching for the missing piece in the puzzle of my life. Oftentimes, I believe that I’ve found the one that fits perfectly at the missing spot. But, to get the piece is a task in itself. If you’re offered all the magic in the universe, you will definitely get a note attached to it saying, “Use with caution.”

The note with my puzzle says, “dujwbwi”. Something, which I don’t understand at all. So, I take my chance, to see if it fits in my jigsaw to complete it.

But, it never happens. It never fits.