No Idea

I wait, wait and wait, for an idea to strike so that I can accomplish the daily ritual of writing my blog but the idea seems to have got lost in the maze of the noise and chaos all around me. 

The writer’s block is on-off these days. 


Time and Pain

The time feels so expansive today, so vast, so meaningful and meaningless at the same time.

The pain demanded to be felt today, brutally, sadly, deeply and passionately at the same time.


There are some days when you just want to cuddle in your favorite blanket, eat good food, watch a cricket match and do absolutely nothing.

There are some days when you’re just tired to try to make other people happy and you need time just for yourself; to calm your demons down, to bring peace to them, to silence the chaotic thoughts and to just not care about anything at all.

There are some days when you just want to disappear into mist or become the raindrops which fall in the vast ocean to be immortal forever. You want the sound of the world to drown into it’s vastness. Every thing to seep into the ocean floor. Only if this was possible. Only if anyone could understand why. 

Sometimes peace is not what you want, sometimes you need everything to be peaceful.

How Are You?

Some people never ask you how you’re doing.

They just come to you or just text you about whatever they’re concerned with and vanish into thin air in the same way they appeared.

They would never take an effort to ask the simple question of how are you when they expect you to hold them and offer tissues when they cry their heart out. There are not always good days for everyone, even the strongest people break down at some point of time.

So why do these people never realize what they’re doing or do they but they are really so mean and uncaring that they still won’t ask you how you are doing?

Go, ask someone how they’re doing. Even if they’re doing well, they would feel good that there is someone who cares even if you don’t. 

Free Hugs Needed

A random idea crossed my mind this morning when I was commuting, why don’t people or NGOs, or even us hold placards and stand at public places like railway stations, metro stations, airports, bus stops or anywhere and everywhere where people come and go in thousands every hour saying “free hugs”?

You can never know who, where, why needs a hug. The person might be having a bad day, he might be too anxious about something, he might have faced too many obstacles to be at the place where he is right now and is almost on the verge of breaking down. A hug, a simple gesture by wrapping your arms around someone for few seconds might make a huge difference for him. He might find his lost confidence, be bold, be courageous and go to achieve whatever he wishes to in the day.

A small gesture might make someone’s day and help him in a way which is unexplainable.

I hope this happens one day, or probably I hope I make it happen one day. 


There are some people with whom you don’t talk daily. But when you get back on track with them, you can just connect in the same way as before or probably better than before and no one knows why.

Maybe because you two know each other from a time when you were too young to judge each other and the best part being, you still don’t judge each other for each other’s stupidness, craziness or anger (in my case.)

Fight, sort it out, meet up, laugh, make memories, click good pictures, laugh more, and live for such lasting friendship.

Who’s This?

Your name and your number is just a contact in my phone list.

Neither can I call it, nor send a message.

It won’t reach, will it now?

Even if it does, I cannot bear the heartbreak of answering the question you’ll ask, “Who’s this?”