I sit by the window,

Unaware of the memories I’m about to make.

With the coolness in the air,

And the lushness of the trees,

Little pink flowers blooming,

Swinging in the wind,

The black drongo flying in the sky,

The little kid waving us goodbye,

The steady conversations,

And the empty stations,

A nap once,

Many smiles later,

Arriving to the destination,

Wondering how further does the rail go?


Fries Before Guys

Cheese and sauce,

His loss.

Fries and poppers,

Girl hoppers.

If pizza is bae,

You don’t know how to slay.

Cheese and sauce,

His loss.

Salt and pepper,

Wine and cheddar,

If pasta is creamy,

You’re not so dreamy.

Cheese and sauce,

His loss.

Fries before guys,

Only then you’re wise.


Pain in the chest,

Right in the middle,

Reports all normal,

Then why does it hurt so much?

Maybe because it has an empty space,

To fill in by you.

Maybe because it needs love,

And poetries too.

Maybe because it is tired,

Of being ached too.

Even though the reports are normal,

The pain will exist all through.

Not A Piece Of Cake

My heart is not a piece of cake being served on a platter and to be eaten when hungry and left to rot when not.

My heart is not a piece of cake to be customised according to your moods and obsessions.

My heart is not a piece of cake layered with vanilla frosting with a cherry on top.

My heart is not a piece of cake with candles melting on it like bruises of jealousy.

My heart is not a piece of cake. It’s a recipe of aches run in the family from ages.


Ab toh koi bahaana hai bhi nahi,
Yaadein aa jaati hai phir bhi yunhi..
Dil sambhal gaya toh hai par,
Ab dagmagaane ka koi Bahaana hai bhi nahi..

Sapno mein ab bhi jo Ghar hai tumhara,
Dastak aa jaati hai kabhi wahan,
Wahi hasta chehra,
Wahi muskurahat,
Wahi chaandni raatein,
Par ab raatein bitaane ka,
Koi bahaana hai bhi nahi..

Yaadon ki dukaano mein,
Bechne nikli thi kuch yaadein,
Pata chala ki unka koi mol hai nahi..
Par unn yaadon ko ab fir se dohraane ka,
Koi bahaana hai bhi nahi..

Gaye the tum jab,
bahaana dekar koi,
Anjaana sa koi fasaana tha kahin,
Aaye ho ab jo tum firse yahan,
Aane ka toh ab,
Koi bahaana hai bhi nahi..


The universe is expanding but the earth is shrinking.

Shrinking in terms of humanity.

Shrinking in terms of empathy.

Shrinking in terms of love.

Shrinking in terms of expansion in all the things that deserve more than what we give them.

Inspired by Georges LemaĆ®tre’s Google doodle on occassion of his 124th birth anniversary.

Impeccable Imagination

She wandered far and wide,

In her head though,

Imagining dresses and costumes,

Like Alice, in rabbit’s burrow.

She plans on the dance,

A little hippety-hoppity stance,

For someone like me,

There’s no chance to flee.

The updo comes undone,

Dresses fly in the sun,

Heels go slipping out,

When she comes to reality,

Yet with impeccable imagination throughout.