I break,

The moment I stop holding on,

To the pieces that you’ve left,

Of my heart.

Wondering how I survived,

The way I survived,

Holding on to them all day,

To me, for me, in some way.


You remind me of someone,

Someone I used to write about.

About a few times maybe,

Maybe a few hundred no doubt.

Doubt me if you think I’m wrong,

Wrong in saying this.

This isn’t something I want to think,

Think of it as an ending.

Ending is a beginning they say,

Say I always knew.

Knew this would end someway,

Someway but this isn’t it,

It is true.

P.S.: Anadiplosis is a type of poem wherein the new sentence begins with the last word or phrase of the previous sentence.

Fire / Numb

There’s a fire that you light,

With the spark of your love,

Warming up my heart,

When it is frozen cold.

Light it now, will you?

For I am numb,

And it’s only you,

That can make me burn.

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Saturn’s Laughter

There’s this planet,

Staring at me through the window,

From light years away.

Not just staring,

But laughing even.

As if it’s plan succeeded.

To see me like this.

Questioning everything,

From the beginning of the existence,

To now picking up pieces,

Of all the consequences that it led,

Which make no sense absolutely,

Then screaming at the sky,

As if that’s going to help.

Nonetheless, it’s laughter rings,

In galaxies far and wide,

On me. (A fool)

At me. (Such a fool)

Valleys Of Thoughts

I’m tired of wandering,

In the valleys of my thoughts,

Come rescue me,

I think I’m a little lost.

Bring with you,

A map or two,

To find a way,

To someplace new.

Where thoughts are calm,

Like the rivers serene,

And valleys echo,

With laughter and gleam.

Bring with you,

A little warmth too,

Smiles and your stories,

And a long hug would do.

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Secrets To The Sky

I keep looking at the sky,

Through my window all day,

In varied hues.

Telling it stories and secrets,

Which I want to tell you.

All day it listens to me,

Like it has no one else to listen to,

All I wish it could talk to me,

Laugh at my mind crook.

But it only changes its hues,

Just like you would.

Cross Your Mind

I’ve crossed a thousand ways today,

To reach where I am.

But tell me if I have ever,

Crossed your mind?

Because it is the destination,

I’m searching from a while

So, stop me if I ever,

Cross your mind.

In Your Eyes

You’re the breath of fresh air,

On a warm spring day,

Carrying fragrances of peonies,

With laughter in your eyes.

You’re the gust of wind,

In the thunderstoms I chase,

Running through the fields,

With wildness in your eyes.

You’re the warmth in the snow,

Like light carving its way in the dark,

For you are a blessing in disguise,

With the entire universe in your eyes.

Time and Space

I think you are mine,

When you read my half-written poems,

Trying to figure why have I mentioned,

Someone else and not you in them.

I think you are mine,

When you exactly know,

Which song I want to listen,

After a long-long day.

I think you are mine,

In that time and space,

When you are you and I am me,

And nothing in the world matters to me.