Mid-Year Beginning

“Sometimes the silence makes the loudest thoughts roar in the world”

1st June, 2016.

Every writer is asked this one question quite often, What inspires you to write such amazing write-ups? or Why do you write? These questions are like you are asking a fish, do you know swimming?
But, truth to be told, we, writers, sometimes don’t know ourselves why are we writing some things. The ideas just flow into our minds and we just put them down on the paper. If I answer the second question, well, I Write Because I Want To Write. It gives me a sense of freedom with the words and sentences and I like how my mind transforms those words and sentences into a sensible write-up.

Another phenomenon which a writer might face in his/her life is “Writer’s Block”. This is a phase where a writers cannot come up with how to write or proceed with the idea of writing. I am not ashamed of admitting that I am/was going through writer’s block from last 8-9 months or so; and for a writer to not be able to write or put the chaos of the mind onto the paper and making them expressible is disastrous. It could shatter their confidence in doing anything and everything. It could lead to deep thinking about why I cannot write like before and amnesia which might lead to depression too. It is not an easy phase to go through.

My writer’s block is/was similar. I sometimes thought that I should pick up a different career than journalism. But, in what else did I excel in other than writing? Um, nothing! So, this idea of a blog came up, where I can write whatever I want to write, whether it is good or not. I just want my writing self back! That’s what I’m going to do. Get my writing self back!

P.S.: I’m still not sure whether my writer’s block is over or not that is why past and present tense is used at some places.
*Wish me luck!*

Thank you for reading!


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