Logical enough?

While walking down the rainy road, he asked me, “Why is the rain falling slanted-ly?”
As usual, his logical mind had popped out another question.
I looked at the rain and let few drops fall onto my face before answering his question, “Because the wind is making it fall that way.”

My logic matched his logic and we took a left turn making the rain fall the other way. He asked me again, “Why does it fall this way now?”

I knew this question was coming and I was well prepared for it.
“Because we took a left. We changed our direction.”

Smart, he must have thought. But, such is his nature that he didn’t like anyone else to win. So, he again asked me, “But, why?”

Now, at the end of all logics, i asked him to tell what he meant to say. Gladly, he started explaining  his twisted logics and said the same things which I had told him a minute ago.

Now, eventually, when he’s done explaining me the same thing, he smiles and proclaims himself as the most logical person ever! Just like that~

He always asks questions which have a logic behind it or he has made a logic for himself. “Every thing has a logic behind it.” Of course, without logic everything is incomplete.

Certainly, this blog must have a logic but, I can’t find it while writing all this. Maybe, Mr. Logical can!


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