Nothing to write.

Well, today is one of the days when I have nothing to write. I was thinking since morning about what to write tonight for the blog but, now when the day is almost over, I cannot think of any potential topic to write on. It’s not de-motivating, it’s okay. Sometimes, when you are looking for something, you never tend to find it. I’ve observed this in my case that whenever I’m expecting something to happen, it will never happen at that time but I’m not that kind of a person who can give up thinking easily. So, I’ve to continuously tell myself to not to think about a certain thing for around a long time!

There are few things going on in my mind about which I’m telling myself to stop thinking completely. It’s working sometimes and sometimes I struggle doing it, but, I know, I will be successful one day. See, even though I didn’t have anything to write on, I wrote about something!

Also, my internet wasn’t working while I wrote this and I thought of posting this tomorrow morning but, I couldn’t sleep before posting this so, I got up to find a way to post this and internet started working. Yay!


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