When was the last time you laughed?

When was the last time you had a real proper laugh where you try not to laugh but you cannot stop yourself from laughing. When your eyes are filled with tears of extreme happiness and joy and your stomach aches from all the laughter? When you are really falling on the floor and rolling with laughter? When?

In this stupidly crazy world of today, in all those struggles we face to accomplish a task, we forget to laugh. We forget to give ourselves the time or opportunity where we will be relieved of all our stress by one single laughter and be more energetic towards whatever task we are supposed to do.

Also, has anyone realized how beautiful a person looks while laughing? If not, go and see any stranger laugh on the street, you’ll automatically find him/her attractive.  It also burns calories~

I wish you find a reason to laugh everyday! 🙂


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