That One Thing.

Isn’t that one thing really amazing which can make you smile instantly and take away al your sadness and worries of the day?

I bet, it is the best thing ever!

When that one thing happens, you know deep doen inside that you are about to be saved from drowning even when you know how to swim! You know that you are rescused from a tragedy even when you are not facing one! You just find yourself in such a state of mind that you are elated with happiness and calmness which no other thing in the entire universe can possibly make it anything happen which will be close enough to that feeling.

I’m feeling that feeling right now and that’s why this blog is so happy-go-lucky one otherwise, honsetly, I didn’t have a topic to write on today and I would have crapped about how patheric I’m at writing and how boring my day was, blah, blah.

But, thanks to the one thing, it’s almost perfect. Imperfectly, perfect.



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