Not right.

Last night I made a plan that I’ll go out and explore things and places. I got up with a positive mind and got ready and left home. It felt good at that time, going out and doing what you want. It felt good till half-way to my destination. Then, it all started to go down.

As I observed my surroundings, everyone seemed to have a motive in life and a plan for the day and here I was like a loser going out to do what? People had go to their offices to do work and later enjoy the leisure time with their friends or family. And I was going alone.

I heard people talking about their plans and holidays and I was here like a loser going alone to a plane I’d not decided. Still, I kept moving ahead and I walked for an hour or so and completely felt at the wrong place altogether. I did not being there. Amongst people who had a motive, a plan, a destination.

Heading back home. This feels so wrong as if this is not meant for me. Me walking alone and all what is happening right now. It’s all not right. 


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