Don’t Be A Monkey!

Railways is the most used form of transportation in Mumbai. This mode of transport carries lakhs of commuters from one part of the city to another allowing people to travel to places far away from their residence for employment opportunities.

This results in huge amount of crowd traveling at peak hours which at times leads to accidents as people lean out of the train due to inadequate space and the crunch to reach the office on time.

Not only people lean out of the train, but also cross railway tracks rather than using the foot over bridges. To spread awareness regarding this issue, my college, has started a safety drive called “Don’t Be A Monkey” which uses wit and sarcasm to spread awareness regarding Railway Safety.

At present we are #SpottingTheMonkeys and posting about them on our social media platforms and we’ve also got a good response from one of the leading newspapers in Mumbai called DNA. They published an article which you can read here:

If you think, we’re doing a good job and like our idea, support us by following us and spreading the word for ghe safety of everyone.

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Travel Safe and Don’t Be A Monkey! 🐒


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