The boy without a cracker but a smile on his face.

Last night as I was unable to sleep because of the loud noises of the bursting of the firecrackers by someone in my locality, I decided to stand by the window and see what fun they got in lighting up those noisy crackers.

Minutes passed away and there was no reduction in their energy to stop bursting the crackers; when, I noticed a boy who was watching those people bursting crackers from a distance. He was around 10 years old and certainly did not have money to buy the crackers. He was dressed up in simple clothes, nothing exclusive as compared to others.

Even though, I was looking from the 4th floor, I could see a smile on his face wherever the crackers lit up. He was standing here for about 15 minutes and do doubt the people who were bursting crackers noticed him being excited, but, they didn’t offer him a single sparkler.

His mother called him after few minutes and he went away to his home being happy by merely seeing others bursting the crackers.

I ask you, what is happiness if you cannot share it with a stranger? What is the meaning of celebrating the festival if you only see your happiness and ignore someone who is not of your standard?

If you’re bursting crackers, (which you shouldnt) and see someone like that boy, don’t forget to offer him one of your cracker. For humanity’s sake.


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