No Deep Shit 

​Oh, you all say that you want no small talk and want to talk about atoms, space and about some or the other deep shit.

But, I say, it gets boring after sometime; talking about everything in deep.

All you need sometimes is to  not talk about all the things which formed the universe or about something that you strongly believe in and want the other person’s viewpoint.

Sometimes, I feel I don’t want myself to be explained to someone.

Sometimes, I don’t want my thoughtful layers to be peeled off so that you can judge me with your ideologies.

Sometimes, I don’t want anyone to argue about the way I think and want the person to only listen to me silently and hold out a hand and just hold me. Just. That. Nothing. Else.
Come on, get over the cliché of DEEP SHIT. Try to just be there without giving your opinion or asking What Do You Think Would Happen If The World Had No Movies?

Get over it!


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