Busy thoughts

Well, I’m late today to post my blog by an hour because I was caught up with some work. Even now, I’m not sure on what should I write today. But, I’ve a thought in my head since afternoon that if we know we should not expect anything from anyone then why at certain times, we tend to forget the same thing. We know we have been hurt many a times before but then we still ignore such genuine intutive warnings and yet expect that maybe this time it’ll be different.

I’ll write something on this in detail, but, do let me know if you’ve any answer to my question. It’ll be of great help! 


One Reply to “Busy thoughts”

  1. . Getting hurt may be the sad part but i can’t believe that it is even possible for one to outgrow from himself while living in a armour. the one who harness the strongest of armour is the weakest .
    Also relying on instincts is the craft of lone wolf but well i believe human should go with intellect rather than instincts as intellect is based on one’s perception rather than something passed on by some entity


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