Go, Talk. 

​I want to talk to someone really badly. I don’t know what I want to talk about, but I just need someone who could speak to me about his day and how a certain situation was comical.
All this social media has become one way communication in the way that I post a picture and you react on it. The comments that are posted are snide in some way. Moreover, commenting is not talking.
Talking is when you both sit and have a cup of tea with something to eat and speak while looking in each other’s eyes. This social media has spoiled the fun of meetings or even small get togethers. The other person only wants to click pictures to post on their social media accounts and show the virtual world how happening their life is.
But, do you remember what is your best friend’s favorite color or you just tell her ‘that color suits you’? How was your sister’s reaction when she came to know that you attended a concert or you just were busy showing her the recorded video of the event?
Well, even now you’re on social media reading this very write up on how social media is killing our relationships while you should go and talk to the one who really wants to talk to you.

Go. Now.
P.S.: you can also find me on Medium. The content uploaded on Medium might differ from Valahd in future. 🙂


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