​You get hurt because you live with your heart on your sleeve. Despite telling yourself a zillion times to not expect anything or get attached to anyone, you go through that one phase again and again in your life because of that fragile heart of yours. Not that it has to be blamed. But, seriously, it would be better if you could rip it out of your chest and hurl at the person who has hurt you this time. 😛

But, you know what? That fragile heart of yours comes with a rock hard brain which doesn’t know a dime about giving up or being stuck at one place for a long time. It knows that despite all good measures it needs to be stronger than last time and each time you get hurt again, it’s nothing new. The cycle just goes on. You just keep getting better and stronger each time.

Hey, I know, it feels worse each time, but, even you know, you deserve so much better than what’s happening and you’re stronger than you think you are.

Photo: Pinterest


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