​Communication is a two way process which consists of a sender, a receiver, a message, a medium and a feedback. The interpretation of a message sent by the sender to the receiver via the medium plays a vital role in generation of a feedback.

If the receiver interprets the message in a way which is different than the intent of the sender, the feedback, at times, lacks the necessary information or moreover the understanding of the second party. This misunderstanding consitutues because of factors such as improper body language, tone of speaking and most importantly listening to only half of the message and creating an ideology which is based on only half of the information provided.

The feedback generated on such an ideology no doubt lacks the understanding of the receiver and causes a rift between the sender and the reciever. The sender of the information is often misinterpreted but it should be the other way around. When the receiver has not interpreted the message in intended way, miscommunication is bound to happen

The basic rule for communication is to not to miscommunicate anything.


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