In control, Yet. 

​I’d been getting seriously angry from last few days for various reasons known and unknown. But, I don’t know how managed to keep my anger to myself at all the times.

It becomes natural after some time to take in deep breaths and focus on finding a solution to calm yourself down when you’re a short tempered person. You know it is very easy for someone to make you angry and you know that people often try to make you angry deliberately. Maybe they don’t know that you know that they (are) going to make you angry and are waiting for that one week moment to make hay when the sun is shining.

My anger is still in the controllable parameters and I’m trying to use my anger in a positive way so that it helps me rather than affect me negatively. In control, yet.


4 Replies to “In control, Yet. ”

  1. That’s being a good girl!!!! I hope I have learnt my lesson now at least… when our children are trying to be in control… then as we claim… we have many more years of experience than they have…

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  2. We stop thinking when we get angry,
    Start thinking when you get angry an it will pass like a random passerby.
    Most reasons people get angry are absurd, when we think it won’t make any sense to get angry.

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