Today’s Feelings

I feel that anyone who realizes that they are enough for themselves has reached a point in their lives where no matter what others do affects them. Surely, there are little things which nag each one of us every now and then but it doesn’t affect to a great extent. Not anymore.

I also feel that at such a point an individual doesn’t crave for anyone else to complete them. They realize that they are complete in themselves and have the power to control the emotions of wanting another person to complete them. Surely, often such strong individuals too, require someone with whom they can share their mystical thoughts and have a good laugh once in a while.

This feeling of contentment and a secret success is elating. It also fills you with new confidence and energy to continue to do whatever you are doing irrespective of what people are going to say about it. Just being you gives so much pleasure. To smile with no restrictions and laugh like no one’s seeing you and write your heart out. I feel all of the above today. Such a proud feeling. Swear. 


2 Replies to “Today’s Feelings”

  1. Beautiful. Somehow I have felt the same way from long time now. It is true that some incidents just shape you in a manner where you start to find your foot. Thanks for writing everything down and the beautiful pic!

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