It’s a dilemma for a person like me to do something which no one expects us to do. Not that were going to do anything wrong but we are seen like a person who would not do something which is unapproved by some people. Yet, it takes us ages to come to a conclusion and ensure ourselves that we are not doing anything wrong.

It a kind of peer pressure or the thought of mere keeping up the expectations of certain people and always being responsible and reliable. But, we need a break from all that too. We need a break from being all good and not taking up responsibility or just be a spectator rather than a person who makes things happen.

We are always under the impression that these are good people who can be given the responsibility of a certain thing and won’t let you down and trust me, we don’t want to let down this image. But, sometimes it’s just too much to hold on to that. It’s then a dilemma for us to be or not to be the person we are. 


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