Constant Connectivity 

I wonder what made the world like it is now. We all are connected to our family and friends at every hour of the day. Our phones are constantly buzzing with notifications either of someone’s Facebook tag on a useless and sometimes humorless meme or the chain of retweets and favorites on Twitter along with 100+ likes on your Instagram post with 25+ you’re so pretty/ lovely/ beautiful/ cute and thank you comments with the heart and kiss emoticon and 150+ views on your latest Instagram story. Not to forget the most loved application Snapchat with ridiculous filters and snaps which perish once you see them.

Don’t you think we are making ourselves too available for the world out there? Rather than sitting and having a conversation with your friends in a cafe, you want to show off what you’re eating, where you’re eating, with whom you’re eating. Half of the time is spent on having good enough photos to post on all the above applications I mentioned before.

You look at the number of likes you got, how many people reacted love/wow to your post, how many people commented on it and why did a certain person not like it. (Maybe he didn’t really like what you had posted, you know.) Then, suddenly you share those cute dog and puppy videos or some petition for saving the crucifixion of animals and say how much you love them.

You might also read or come across articles in which you come to know about the famine in South Sudan (yes, South Sudan is in a famine state), or the number of people who are homeless in Syria, the refugees who are seeking shelter outside country’s borders. What do you do after reading the article? You like it or react sad  because you really are sad after reading all that depressing stuff. Tell me how that like or reacting sad is going to affect the world? Also, tell me how those likes and loves on the photos going to affect you in real life and not in virtual life.

I’ve come to this realization that being in a constant touch with everyone leaves the element of surprise from life. The feelings of empathy and sympathy are dying with each passing day. You are expecting the other person to upload a photo from what they are doing and updating about yourself at every hour. The world isn’t normal anymore and people like me (if there are any) are just clueless about why all this is happening.

Comments and views are welcome on the same. I would really like to know what everyone thinks about this constant connectivity.


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