The Video Call 

While I stood at the railway station waiting for my train to arrive and listening to some song being played on shuffle mode on my phone, I saw a man in his 30s on the opposite platform having a conversation on a video call. I cannot help but notice certain things happening around me. Moreover, I cannot help but notice people and often  try to analyse their behavior on the basis of their facial expressions.

This person who was on the opposite platform seemed calm while he conversed on the video call or maybe he was a little agitated because of something the other person was saying to him. Things became a little interesting when I realized that he cannot speak and was conversing by using the sign language. I’ve seen many people while I travel in trains using the sign language but they are mostly talking to someone who is right in front of them. The fact that he’s using technology to make sure that he’s okay and would be reaching wherever he was destined to reach was surprisingly new to me and I felt both sadness and happiness at the same time.

Sad because, here I was listening to music and enjoying the lyrics and the beats of the songs and he was there talking to someone via sign language and probably had to repeat himself to make sure that the other person really understood what he was trying to convey. Happy because, I had never thought that someone who cannot hear or speak would be using a smart phone so effectively. I was mentally embarrassed of myself for not thinking about this way of communication.

I wonder how difficult it must be for people like him who could not afford modern technology and communicate in the way he was doing. How worried the family members would always be when their child went to school or office without their hearing aid.

We neglect our ability to do everything without any difficulty and never ever acknowledge the blessings we have received. I think we all must be thankful for what we have got rather than whining on what we don’t have. We must all learn something from that man. I learnt that no matter​ what, find a way to make things happen. Be determined. Believe in yourself. That’s the greatest gift of all time.


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