Satire: Interesting Exams 

How everything else seems to be so interesting when you’ve to finally start studying for your exams!

Watching a blank page flutter in the air, doodling randomly instead of noting down important points, making paper planes and watching them fly down from your balcony and land on the road between vehicles or even searching for a biryani’s recipe on the internet, reading it completely and actually thinking of making it or doing the not so logical buzzfeed quiz to find out which character from Riverdale are you most like it watching the re-run of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for umpteenth time and listening to your mom say, stop saying the dialogues or put it off!

How interesting!

Starting off with a new series on Netflix or watching the episodes of your favorite sitcom f.r.i.e.n.d.s. or basically any other tv series which you’ve already watched and doesn’t make any sense at present. 

How interesting!

Even if you start concentrating for a while, you’ll feel thirsty or hungry even if you might just have eaten something or just want to go for a stroll in your house and opening the refrigerator to see if anything appears or disappears magically​ or just trying to see the lights shut off or just keep your head inside the freezer to just piss off your mom! 

How interesting!

Then finally you say to yourself you’ve to start studying really and you do too but then getting lost in the dark internet in your 10 minute break and not finding a way out for hours and hours and hours!

How interesting!

For those who’re social media addicts, posting selfie stories with books and saying you’re studying on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook and putting your WhatsApp status as ‘DND, I’m studying. #exams’ or ‘Will not reply to messages. #exams’ and yet being online all the time.

How interesting!

Or writing a blog about how interesting everything else is when you’ve to study for exams. 😂 

How damn interesting!

also, we all are Jon Snow​. ‘We Know Nothing!’

4 Replies to “Satire: Interesting Exams ”

  1. So very true dear!! We would think of everything, and discuss with ourselves about all nonsense stuffs, except for the topics that would come in the examination 😛 And TV series are a coming of age medium to relieve tension 😛

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