The Voice

The inner voice,

Keeps on speaking to me all day,

Complaining about things,

Creating doubts about myself,

Questioning why I’m doing a certain thing,

Doubting whether I’m sane.

Hah, can you imagine my inner voice saying whether I’m sane or not.

It constantly advices me to give up.
Generating nonsensical thoughts about anything and everything.

Thousand times in a day, I shout at the voice, ‘shut up!’
And I’m sure that the voice must be laughing at me on every occasion.

I wonder how powerful it might be feeling when it wins over a situation against me.

How little dance party would it be doing, mocking me in every possible way!

But, oh! When the night arrives,

It is calm as a sea.

With no waves crashing my head,

Silent as a vacant beach.

Nothing speaking.

Giving me full control of my head space.

And, trust me, I don’t miss it at all.

It is dead as a star.

But, buring like one too, the next morning again.

Damn, you.


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