The Good People

I was with conflict with someone today regarding whether good people exist or not. I was of the opinion that they do exist. I believe that there is something good in every person. It is possible that due to unavoidable circumstances the goodness might have stopped reflecting from their soul, but, it surely does exist in there.

When desperate events call for desperate measures, the goodness in people is a factor to be seen in the desperate attempts to fulfill a task. It is the goodness which should shine while the task is accomplished.

Moreover, what you reflect to the universe comes back at you. If you’re a good human being, you’ll find good human beings in your desperate times which will not only lend a hand to hold but will do whatever it takes to pull you out of it.

The world at times, looks like a cruel, ugly place. But there are people hidden in it who can be absolutely angels in your state of hell.

At the end of the day, the conflict was resolved because eventually, good people exist. You’re one of them if you believe so.



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