One day. Try living in this world for just one day without any assistance from the women and you won’t get your morning tea/coffee ready on the breakfast table, your clothes washed, ironed and kept at their proper place, your lunch ready, the meals prepared as you like them, the evening tea and snacks served hot when you come back home and lastly the dinner on time.

A woman can manage to do all the above-mentioned chores without any complaint while they handle their careers simultaneously.

Yet, a little less sugar in the tea, your unironed shirt, a little extra salt in the food by an accident, a little delay while she serves you the food will burn your insides in absolute rage as if she hasn’t ever done anything for you at all.

If you call yourself a feminist and tell the world that you believe in equal rights to both men and women, where does your feminism go when she’s working without breaking a sweat in the kitchen and preparing a mental map of the things she has to do at the house before she leaves for her office and comes back to grind between the pans and pots again?

Is she the only one who has the duty to manage the household and the office and still get negative criticism but never give up doing things because she is not moulded to do that.

She’s moulded to face the worst situations of all silently, without telling anything to anyone for her entire life.

This is for those who think that they are feminist and yet blindly do all the things that a male chauvinist does, this is the time you open your eyes and realize what you’re doing or else if the women thinks that she’s done with it, the world will come to a halt.


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