Saw You

I thought I saw you today.

Not once, but twice.

First, it were the eyes which made me think that we’re almost a few feet apart.

But, they weren’t your eyes. Nor it was you. My bad.

Then, I thought I saw you smile and laugh.i couldn’t really see the face but I think I recognized the way your cheeks become red after a laugh and the way you throw back your head while laughing contently. Not to forget the hair. Damn, same as yours.

This time I really thought that it was you. Now, a few feet more closer than in the morning. But, no. It wasn’t you. Just another person who was happy. You know, I am thankful that it wasn’t you because what would I’ve said to you?

It’s pretty strange to admit that I thought that I saw you twice when you may never be around me for a hundred miles.

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