Deal Done

I’m done dealing with people who don’t have guts to agree to disagree.

I’m done dealing with people who have too much of ego filled in their thick that slicing it will only break the knife.

I’m done dealing with people who emit negative vibes and create global warming in my body.

I’m done dealing with people who bluff so much yet are not able to win a single deal.

I’m done with the dealing.



You were like the breath of fresh air filling my lungs when I was choking with the smoke of unhappiness.

You were like the drug which a patient on a life support requires to live his life normally again.

You were like the catalyst which speeds up the reaction of the reactants in a chemical reaction.

You were like the value of “x” which a maths problem asks you to find on numerous occasions.

You were everything which is required to complete basic daily tasks in the most conventional way possible.

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How the word upset has a combination of two positive words and yet means something which is totally disheartening and broken!

Today’s mood has been upset ever since it started. I guess, some days are just not meant to be good and thus howsoever you try to be positive or keep hopes of something good or relatively glorious to happen, it just cannot happen because all you can feel is upset.

Also, because you’re upset the whole day and there is practically no one to understand it because the people around you are themselves so upset or spineless that it makes you sad and angry at the same time to be among them.

What a loss, today.

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Hours have been many,

Too long to be patient,

Chores have been too many,

Some certain,

Some uncertain.

Moods have been too many,

Handled few with patience,

Few subdued uncertain.

Hours have been too long,

Long enough to be patient.


You won’t even know,

When the day ends,

After talks happening only on the surface.

You won’t even know,

When the day ends,

After tasks being alloted only on the surface.

You won’t even know,

When the day ends,

After tasks accomplished only on the surface.

You won’t even know,

When the day ends,

After fake hours with fake people only on the surface.

Out of The Blue (Not)

If I were to remember today, which I won’t probably, then I would remember it as the most normal day ever.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing happened to me or in the day which was out of the blue, or extraordinary, or special, or unique, or worth remembering for.

It was the same beautiful sunrise, the same train, the same people, the same roads, the same routine, the same me and the same everything.

calm before the storm?!


People tell other people to not to hurt them but instead they themselves end up hurting people.

How do they act all good and sweet but sprinkle such foul words when they show their true face!

How they put up a show and dramatise every small thing and then call the people they themselves cast in it as professional actors!

One word, hypocrites.