This time she knows what is wrong and what is right. She knows who is wrong who is right. She knows what to do and what not to do. She knows that attachment is only going to ruin everything again. She knows something which once she believed was love is nothing but a stupid phase which will fade away sooner or later. She knows and she knows well this time.


…because women often forget that they can sustain without anyone in their life. Though, they’re stupid enough to think that they need someone to love and support them but that’s not really matters in the end. 

In the end, her happiness and her peace of mind and soul is the most important thing. Eventually, we forget that. She’s like a sponge who keeps on absorbing all the negative energy in the universe regardless of anyone actually telling her to do so. Yet, she gets accused of being a week personality because she’s a woman! What else reason does she need?

But, a woman needs no one but herself and she is more than important than anyone in the world.


You can see the ball coming towards the goal; in only a fraction of seconds, everything will be in your hands or rather legs to save the unfortunate thing to happen; stop the ball to go past you towards the keeper and put him in a situation of do or die.

Suddenly, the world around you seems like a blur; the noise in the staduim dies down ; the fans who are cheering you by enchanting your name is like the light hum playing in your ears; the only thing you can see is the ball, the foot that is kicking it and the sheer determination in your head that you can defend it.

You didn’t even blink an eye and here you are taking few strides forward when the attacker has almost tackled every single player of your team and is about to kick the ball above your head right into the goal post and grab all the headlines in the newspaper the next day when you tactically assume that the trajectory in which the ball is about to get hit is somewhat incorrect and you merely nudging a little might help him score a goal. Thus, you do nothing but act confused. Meanwhile, when the attacker thinks that he has no one to worry about now, does the biggest blunder of his life and hits just above the goal post.

Damn, poor him. He’ll definitely be in the newspapers the next morning but not for scoring a goal, but for missing out by few inches to score a goal of his life.

Moral: Sometimes in life while you’ve to defend certain situations, the only way to tackle them could be to let them come and attack you. Never lose hope, be confident, be instinctive.

P.S.: I’ve never watched a single game of football in my entire life but just wanted to write today’s blog in that context. Apologies if I’ve made any blunder and I’ll happily accept the feedback for any correction. 


The words seem jumbled,

With the sentences in my head,

The phrases confusing,

The paragraphs in distress.

How ironic it is,

To keep a straight face,

In situations like this,

With emotions unfazed.

Random Intellectuality

Undoubtedly my life is going on along with the million more lives on this planet but somehow it feels that there are parts of my own life that I’m missing out to live; the sondering seems to happen in a parallel world. 

Even after being in the present there are times where you cannot be in control with all the factors which affect your today. Sometimes when we think we are controlling the controllable it is the uncontrollable that we keep on assuming as the controllable and thus nothing really changes despite the efforts.

It is said that life will be easy if you be in the present, but there are thousands of factors out of you reach which will affect it from being perfect. Being perfect is an illusion of your mind to console yourself to keep going in the race of life. Life’s tough. 

Mili Second

I don’t know how the mind just paces off so quickly from zero thoughts and feelings per second to thousand thoughts and feelings per mili second.

I don’t know how the universe keeps on neglecting your wishes when you so deeply want them to come true and grant them in a mili second as if it was waiting for you to give up on it. (By the way, you had given up.)

I don’t know whether to expect or just keep myself detached because I’m tired of getting hurt and building myself from the pieces which keep on increasing every mili second. Not that I can’t do it anymore. 

The questions will be unending till the life goes on. 

Saw You

I thought I saw you today.

Not once, but twice.

First, it were the eyes which made me think that we’re almost a few feet apart.

But, they weren’t your eyes. Nor it was you. My bad.

Then, I thought I saw you smile and laugh.i couldn’t really see the face but I think I recognized the way your cheeks become red after a laugh and the way you throw back your head while laughing contently. Not to forget the hair. Damn, same as yours.

This time I really thought that it was you. Now, a few feet more closer than in the morning. But, no. It wasn’t you. Just another person who was happy. You know, I am thankful that it wasn’t you because what would I’ve said to you?

It’s pretty strange to admit that I thought that I saw you twice when you may never be around me for a hundred miles.

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