I say, let’s do it,

What’s there to lose anyway.

You’ll get to know another human,

In this big world every day.

Despite million warnings,

To not to do it again,

The heart is too fragile,

To know that any way.

Damn, I did it again,

What was I thinking my mind says,

Oh, you’re so obvious,

Who cares, anyway.

Over Confidence 

Sometimes I feel that I should hold back my capabilities to make some things happen because of the people who are around me, who think that they can do something better than me. I’m not saying that they should not showcase their talent. There is no harm in standing up to one’s self but there is a limit which should not be crossed. That limit is of confidence. Once someone crosses that limit of confidence, whatever they do then is nothing but over-dominance, over-self belief, over confidence and over everything which would be their virtue but now is a vice unknowingly. 

I’m that kind of a person who is not afraid to back off or leave a certain thing if I don’t get a good vibe about it. I’ve done that before and I’m not afraid to do that again, without regrets.


I find the name engraved on every where I look, specially on the social media posts.
I call this effect of seeing something randomly everywhere as ‘jinxing’ and ‘profoundly jinxing’ when I like being jinxed.

I don’t know why this happens but I feel the universe makes that thing follow me until I get tired of telling it, JUST STOP. 

Still trying to figure out the pattern in which it happens. Or maybe things associated with the name already exist but we only realise it only when we become aware of the name.

I wonder if I’m the only one with whom such things happen. Maybe, I’m jinxed.

The Atithi

Sometimes the opportunities knock the door in disguise. It tests you whether you are capable enough to recognize it in a form which is unknown to you. Also, it judges you on the basis of your ability to see your purpose which might seem illogical but are highly essential for your potential to grab the guest at your door.

Thus, all one needs to do is, keep their doors open and welcome each opportunity with a warm welcome and make the most out of it.

As popularly said, ‘अतिथि देवो भवः’ the guest is God.

Efforts Matter

It is a matter of pride to be among people who have the ability to inspire you in unlimited ways.

It is a matter of achievement to get what you desire to have and working for the same will give you pleasure that no other thing would be able to give you.

It’s a matter of bravery to stand for your dreams and run behind them to catch them before they fly away.

In the end, the efforts matter and nothing else.


Everything has a tendency to change from good to bad, calm to angry, discussion to argument, opinion to biasness, dreams to reality.

Acceptance of the change is the only way to deal with the grief of letting go even when you don’t want it to.

And each time you let go of something, you become a little more humble towards the things you have by your side at present because, everything has a tendency to change.

Summery Monsoon 

So, I waited and looked around,

The sun was over the head and the shadows were under the feet,

Everyone had shades to protect their eyes,

And scarves to cover their heads,

Still, the sweat dripped from their foreheads like a saline drip.

I was there too, but standing under the shade,
Where a cool breeze blew every now and then,

and I don’t think I broke a drop of sweat standing there.

It clicked to me then,
What if instead of the summer heat,

It was raining and the clouds filled the now clear sky creating darkness around.

The temperature would be cooler definitely,

Without the scarves and the shades,

But, umbrellas and raincoats instead.

From the shelter of the roof I’m standing under there would be water drops trickling down,
The wind blowing would cause the rain enter the shelter,

And I would get a splash of water on my face too,

I know, I would smile when that would happen,

Because, why not?

Have you ever imagined something like this?