I don’t know from where it comes to dwell in the pit of my gut, wanting to rule me every day, every hour.

But, it doesn’t know that ruling a ruler isn’t an easy task at hand for anyone let alone, anxiety and panic.

If they think if they’ve captured me then they’re wrong because they’re my prisoners not me.


World’s Apart

That almost stunned me, the person sitting on the bench looking at the sun set in the ocean.

The thing which stunned me was not the person looking at the sunset but the person looking at the sunset whose face was so resembling to you.

I, at first thought that probably the world is just too small as everyone says but when my eyes and brain contemplated the memories of you and the person looking at the sunset, it didn’t match.

Of course, the world was small. Small enough to reminding me of you but big enough to keep us poles apart.

Lilliputs in my Head

My head hurts. It feels like some Lilliputians are hammering my head from within for an escape from the scattered and redundant thoughts.

I feel that they, just like me would like to get rid of the noise around me and the noisemakers too.

Everything feels so bigger than usual. Are the Lilliputians in my head making me a Lilliputian of their own?

Unreal Imaginations

It’s almost impossible to not think of crossing paths with you again.

Hoping to see you while climbing down the stairs of the bridge towards the station where I’m standing while waiting for the train to arrive.

Wondering if I can find you waiting in the queue while giving an order at the McDonald’s down town.

Guessing it would be you calling me from an unknown number because you’ve been ignoring me from way too long now.

All this has just been imaginations till now. Imaginations unreal and you more unreal than them.

A Better Picture

And we promised to click a better picture,

Of standing us aside,

Should we just go for it,

Or let the universe decide?

Seems like the universe is caught,

In wishes, dreams beside,

Clicking us together,

Standing by each other’s side.

Non-judgemental Happiness

There are somethings which make you so intensely happy and there would be no one to understand your level of happiness.

People will consider you mad or crazy to like/love such a thing and will judge you right, left and centre.

But, you know what to do, don’t you?

Keep loving the things that make you happy. Your happiness matters more than anyone’s opinion. ❤

I write

I write because I don’t want to forget the minutest details of what you said, how you looked, who were around us, the butterflies in my stomach, the smile on your face and the way my hands were cold right before you said goodbye.

I write because the as much as u appreciate the photographic memory of my brain, I know, one day it will fade away. Few parts of the memory will become blurred, faded or even get erased. I write because I want to re- develop the photographic memory and frame it again in a special corner in my heart.

I write because I’m so hopeless that I cannot speak my heart out at times and writing can be free flowing of the emotions trapped in me.

Only if you read it. Only if you knew I write about you.