Few of the people I know fuss about each and everything they come across.

But the instance when they fuss about the situations uncontrollable, I become very defensive as I try my best to have the situation the way I want it to but sometimes, under some circumstances, they cannot be controlled.

The challenge then is to find a way to deal with them, fussing won’t help.

Also, fussy people out there, including me sometimes, please take note, don’t let others get affected by your fussiness, don’t spoil others mood by nature of yours.


It All Comes Back

You don’t realize,

Do you?

That it all comes back to me,

Even if you don’t want it to.

Or do you even know that,

It comes back to me,

Even if I don’t want it to?

Despite the summers of memories and films,

It has been now days of winter and chills,

Do you remember even,

Me or them, anyway?

One Other Day

Today is that one other day when I cannot find any inspiration to write.

Today is one other day where I miss people who are not missing me back.

Today is one other day when I feel happy and sad at the same time.

Today is one other day when everything seems a little unfair.

Today is one other day, just like the many.

In Life

Is everything in life is not as complicated as it looks like?

Is everything in life meant to always end?

Is everything in life have questions whose answers we cannot figure out?

Is everything happening to me or am I taking everything a little too personally?


We spread out the world map,

Sit across the floor with hot chocolate by our sides,

Closing our eyes and holding our hands,

We land on a place,

To add it to our bucket list.

Sipping the hot chocolate,

Looking at the sun set,

Planning our trip without any budget,

Dreaming of flying in a chopper over an island,

Scuba diving amongst the fishes and turtles,

Tasting wine the traditional way,

Dreaming, just dreaming.

Things we do, things we love.

Little things we trust.


I look around to see the dots,

Which people tell me to join,

I might be looking at the wrong places,

Because I cannot look any.

Are they in some camouflage,

Or hidden deep somewhere,

Is there a map to find them,

Or should I even care?

Join the dots they say,

Which ones, they haven’t named.


Have you ever realized that few things, few people are right in front of you since ever but you fail to recognize them or connect the dots which can lead to simpler solutions rather than to deem the problem as a complex one?

They are right there in front of your eyes, right in your face at times, thus controllable, but we become so ignorant of that we overlook them to focus on lesser important things.

Then, when, surprisingly you find a solution taking the longer route, all the shorter ones become clearer as if the fog has risen above them. Now, wherever you look, you’ll find that one thing staring back at you point blank. Screaming and shouting that it was always there.

One only had to look in a certain perspective to notice it.

Look around, your solution is right in front of you.