Comfortable Silence

Imagine yourself with someone in a room with absolute silence.

There is no sound whatsoever.

No disturbance at all.

No horns bleeping. No fans making any noise. No TV blaring breaking news. No radio dispersing the sound of romantic old melodies. Not even the sound of the clock ticking.

Absolute, complete silence.

If your heart beats faster than normal, if you feel the blood gushing under your skin, if your breath becomes slow with every mili second, it is becoming an awkward situation for you to be in.

But if you feel at peace, with nothing to worry about, the calmness just seeps in your bones, the mind becoming tranquil with every passing mili second, it is something you would never want to forget, that comfortable silence.



I don’t like going there.
No, I don’t.
I don’t like going to that place which has become the storehouse of our memories.

I would have loved if the visits had been irregular or none at all for that matter. At least that would have let some dust settle on the memories.

But, the regularity of the visits has just resulted in me cleaning on the dust everyday, reliving the days spent together and potentially miss you even more.

Yet, the memories seem to linger on and not fade away with time, with reliving and remembering it again and again and again.


I wanted to drop a curtain,

Cut the conversation,

Run from the room,

Dig a hole and jump in it,

Or just make myself invisible,

While you looked at me,

Almost vulnerable,

Almost making a fool out of me,

Almost doing all the above things,

Instead I looked at you,

Catching while you looked at me,

Genuinely, Effortlessly, Magical,

Only to smile back, vulnerable.

Parts Of Me

With every time a little memory of you comes back,

It dwells in the soft corner of my heart,

Settling, Comforting, Loving,

Parts of me that I can’t believe can fall in love with you.

And Why

It hurts,

Somewhere for sure,

No one knows where,

And why.

It hurts,

Some times for sure,

No one knows for how long,

And why.

It hurts,

Someone for sure,

No one knows how,

Love, and why.

Under The Shade

I sit under the shade,

Of the banyan tree,

You told me about,

Years ago when we were in love.

I sit under the shade today,

Remembering all the days,

Of the unending conversations,

We had years ago in love.

I sit under the shade today,

Counting the leaves on each branch,

Waiting for you to come,

With your contagious smile madly in love.

I sit under the shade everyday,

Even when the rain falls by,

The leaves dry and grow,

Hoping to be in love.

As I sit under the shade today,

For the last time,

When I remember that,

You loved playing hide and seek here,

Years ago when we were in love.

I take measured steps,

After all those years of u fruitful waiting,

To find you on the other side,

Smiling madly at me, in love.


Aaj na jaane kyu mann ko,
Baarish ki khwaish hai,
Dil ko fir ek,
Aaj tumse guzarish hai,
Ki ab toh laut aao,
Jaan-e-zindagi mein,
Jeena ab jeena lagta nahi,
Yunhi maut se milne ki sifarish hai..

I wonder why the mind wants,
The rain to fall today,
The wonder why the heart has,
A request for you again,
To come back,
In my life,
Because it doesn’t feel like life now,
But a desire to meet the end of it.