Never Give Up

There will always be a set of people who will be ever ready to mock you, your art, your talent, your skills, your hard work, your patience and your ability to do something which they cannot do.

This is for all those poets, writers, vloggers, photographers, film makers, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, initiators, beginners and all those strong willed people who are brave enough to do something which they dream of; Do Not Ever Give Up.
Those people will be there making memes on you, creating jokes about your hard work, but you need to remember why you started. Did you start for them or did you start for yourself?
For all those people who are afraid of such mockery by people who are shameless to not respect the art in any form, show them that you’re stronger than they know you.
Never Stop Doing What You Love. Forget The Fools.

The Voice

The inner voice,

Keeps on speaking to me all day,

Complaining about things,

Creating doubts about myself,

Questioning why I’m doing a certain thing,

Doubting whether I’m sane.

Hah, can you imagine my inner voice saying whether I’m sane or not.

It constantly advices me to give up.
Generating nonsensical thoughts about anything and everything.

Thousand times in a day, I shout at the voice, ‘shut up!’
And I’m sure that the voice must be laughing at me on every occasion.

I wonder how powerful it might be feeling when it wins over a situation against me.

How little dance party would it be doing, mocking me in every possible way!

But, oh! When the night arrives,

It is calm as a sea.

With no waves crashing my head,

Silent as a vacant beach.

Nothing speaking.

Giving me full control of my head space.

And, trust me, I don’t miss it at all.

It is dead as a star.

But, buring like one too, the next morning again.

Damn, you.

Rise From Ashes

When you see me,

Sitting silently,

It’s only the outside which looks calm.

The fire of the thoughts in my head burn like wild fire.

Burning wild,

They spread like a forest fire,

Uncontrollable, from one branch (of thoughts)

To another.

Creating ashes out of the trees.

Little do I know that,

The Phoenix rises from ashes,

Which my mind has created.

Day Dreaming

There I was sitting,

In the exam hall,

Writing about the artocities in Syria,

When I snapped,

In a world of my day dreams,

Thinking about nothing in particular,

Smiling about everything in general.

Realising that my answer is still unfinished,

I try to focus again,

But, the fact that a wild mind like mine,

Couldn’t be trapped in answer books,

Was screaming loud and clear,

And the girl which once used to dream,

Had never changed.

New ThingsĀ 

Getting lost while finding a way,

Telling why I’m doing this,

Even though I want it to happen,

Conflict, choas in the head.

Then, the way finds you,

Tells you why you’re doing this,

New things is the clue,

Conflict, chaos out of the head.

Such a relief to get a clue,

About where you’re heading,

It’s all there set,

Except the conflict, chaos of the head.


How could Arjun only see the eye of the fish when there might be so many possible distractions for his concentration to waver.

He has become a real hero for me because I’m not able to concentrate to study at all. Whenever I have books in front of me I remember all the other things which I would like to do except to study for the exams.

I’ve got an exam tomorrow and all I’ve done in the last 3 days which were holidays is nothing. High time I start getting the power to concentrate and start studying not only for this paper but for the remaining as well.

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Not The Ordinary Girl

When she forgets that she’s scared and is strong enough to be willing to do something she never thought of, that’s when you should know that she’s not the ordinary girl.

When she laughs without any worries and doesn’t care to notice how weird she might be sounding, that’s when you should know that she’s not the ordinary girl.

When she smiles looking at you and doesn’t hide the glow that makes her cheeks red, that’s when you should know that she’s not the ordinary girl.

When she lets you decide certain things and agrees to do whatever you tell her, don’t think that you can dominate her, because she’s not the ordinary girl.

When she can be herself and she doesn’t feel that it is awkward when you both are quietly sitting beside each other, that’s when you should know that she’s not the ordinary girl.

She’s more than what she shows to you. she’s a hurricane which can create a havoc in a peaceful state of mind because her thoughts are so ravenous that she sometimes thinks that she’s so worthless of having you around her. She’s more than the wild wolves howling in the night looking at the bright full moon because the wolves are nothing compared to the tigers which roar in her heart. Accept that she’s not the ordinary girl. Once you let her go, remember, she’s not coming back, because she knows how to fly far away. She’ll hold you close to your heart whenever she goes but you won’t be able to find her in the labyrinth. She’s a god-damned person. Not the ordinary girl.

not the ordinary girl.