Carpe Diem

There are too many places to explore. In my mind and in the world too. Too many ideas to write upon. Too many poems to be rhymed. Too many thoughts to be pondered. Too much of life to live. Not a day should go to waste. Make the most of it. Carpe Diem.

Read think and say here.

Not Ready 

No, I’m not ready yet to let you go.

Not ready to be okay with the fact that maybe we only had that much time together.

Not ready to accept that it is going to be like this for the rest of our lives; that we once knew each other and the other person was very pleasant.

Not ready to understand that this is another thing which I wanted so badly and would have to let go.

Just not ready. So, wait, let’s not let it happen. Not so soon. Not now. Maybe not forever.

An Awesome Yesterday

Last night I didn’t want to sleep because I feared that the day would disappear into vapors or will seem like a very realistic dream when I wake up the next morning. I know that seems so ridiculous but there have been many times when I felt that the day should never end and if it never ended then the magic of the day would continue forever.

I do fall asleep at some point of time in the night after thinking about all the moments of the day with a constant smile on my face. Then, when I wake up, I think, damn, could another day be as awesome as yesterday?


It feels so empty right now.

The mind for once seems like a deserted ocean, where there is a calm to and fro of silent waves.

The bare sky with no clouds floating around.

No one who’s making sand castles.

Just empty.

It’s just me trying to figure out what to do with all the emptiness. 


Sometimes you don’t really understand the amount of time you are investing in something until it gets over.

It’s the same with people. In fact, we don’t really know how much time we invest in the people in our life. Is there something in which we could measure the amount of emotions, feelings, love, we invested in people? Certainly, time is a thing. Say for example, you invested a week for a person. I ask you, was that person some kind of project for you that you invested time in it? I hope not.

The investment doesn’t really bothers oneself until the return on investment is coming. Once it stops coming, then the investment seems like a loss. Then you think whether you should have invested in that person or not? Whether you should​ have spent less time with them, said few things, clicked less photos and so on?

Until we regret over things, the investments would feel in a loss every time. Stop regretting. Invest. Live. Love. Enjoy.

You might get a bonus! 😉

Think and Say

We all say so much,

With no thinking.

We all say so little,

With so much of thinking.

Only if these things were balanced,

Saying and thinking.

Bullies All Around 

Comment, taunt, accuse, blame, say no and it goes to vain.

Why don’t people understand the meaning of No? No means to stop doing whatever you’re doing because the other person is certainly not liking it. But, no!

They’ll continue to do the same thing again and again and again with even more intensity until it rattles the person to the core and his calm composure melts like an ice cube kept under the hot sun.

But, when the person who is now extremely tired and has given up on his chances to make things change with the situation does even a percentile of what he’s been receiving so generously throughout the day to the other person, he becomes super angry. Says, you cannot understand fun.

Oh yes, he does. But, not when someone’s triggering off him on purpose despite saying NO.

Damn, I’d such a terrible day. Bullies all around.