With all that you think of,

With all that really happens,

Is everything you never expected,

Is everything that is meant to happen.


Aspired Victory

With every plan to irritate the me,

The sun rose and hid behind the clouds,

Guilty as charged.

Finding shadows to counter attack,

It couldn’t conspire long enough,

Victory becoming only aspired.

Writers and Stories

There are so many writers writing their hearts out,

There are so many stories waiting to be read,

There are so many characters waiting to be understood,

There are so many lyrics left to be written,

There are so many moments to be made,

Yet, nothing reaches the one it is written for.

The Black Striped Shirt

The black striped shirt,

Stayed in the front of my closet,

For a year before I wore it,

On the day you said goodbye.

The black striped shirt,

Stayed in the back of my closet,

For a year before I wore it again today,

On the day I realized that you were not coming back.

The black striped shirt,

Still had the lingering scent,

Of detergent, new cloth and your cologne,

Taking a whiff of it,

Reminded me of the moments,

Your hands laced around my body,

Holding it so close,

That even a mili meter apart would cause apocalypse.

The black striped shirt,

Won’t have your cologne anymore,

But the memories of your hands around it,

Will last on the fabric forever.


This was all a lesson supposed to be learnt before I dealt with the surprise test surprising me each day with something I did leading to another disappointment.

Even if I had the syllabus, I wouldn’t have passed the test.

Now, what was I actually supposed to learn?

Teesri Baarish

Teesri baarish intezaar karati hai,

Mausam toh bana hota hai,

Beparwaho ko yunhi tadpaati hai,

Awaaro ki awaari dekhte hue,

Baarish khud awaara ban jaati hai..

Teesri baarish jab aati hai,

Naya sa mahaul bana jaati hai,

Kavi kitbaae liye baithe hue,

Unhe ek kavita bhet de jaati hai..

Teesri baarish jab aati hai,

Sabko bahut tadpaati hai,

Par aate hi sabke chehre par,

Muskaan ek de jaati hai.