I know where this leads to, what I’m doing right now.

It leads to the destruction of me and my soul.

Hurting me on its own.

The continuous blabber and the silence which follows.

It leads to hate and makes me sadder.

Chaotic as my life maybe.

It will only look beautiful to you.

But, the rose has thorns too.

Though, thorns were never watered.


Don’t Be A Monkey!

Railways is the most used form of transportation in Mumbai. This mode of transport carries lakhs of commuters from one part of the city to another allowing people to travel to places far away from their residence for employment opportunities.

This results in huge amount of crowd traveling at peak hours which at times leads to accidents as people lean out of the train due to inadequate space and the crunch to reach the office on time.

Not only people lean out of the train, but also cross railway tracks rather than using the foot over bridges. To spread awareness regarding this issue, my college, has started a safety drive called “Don’t Be A Monkey” which uses wit and sarcasm to spread awareness regarding Railway Safety.

At present we are #SpottingTheMonkeys and posting about them on our social media platforms and we’ve also got a good response from one of the leading newspapers in Mumbai called DNA. They published an article which you can read here:

If you think, we’re doing a good job and like our idea, support us by following us and spreading the word for ghe safety of everyone.

Twitter Account:

Facebook Page:

Travel Safe and Don’t Be A Monkey! 🐒

Profoundly Jinxed. 

I don’t know whether the universe was high or something today but I’ve been jinxed profoundly by 2 names continuously.

While watching a movie, I saw those names, while surfing the internet, I saw those names, while randomly exploring pictures on Instagram, I saw those names, basically, the whole Universe was conspiring me to think about two damn people which resulted in my attempts to study being failed completely.

Hence in the evening when I was thinking about where I’m going wrong in my life, I realized that I’m spending too much time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Immediately, I logged off from both the networks and will login only if something important is there or if it’s been long since I’d checked those platforms.

Damn, you guys and Universe. 😏

Time to score.

I’ve been too silent for my voice to be heard.
I’ve been too mum for my dreams to scream.

I’ve been too quiet for my voice to shout.

Now, it’s time for me to roar.

It’s time for me to score.

Moody Monday

I tell you what, Monday makes my mood moody is a tongue twister I made today because I was so moody because it was Monday.

Monday had minutes which made me miss things. Monday had minutes which made me mad. Monday had minutes which made me mean. Monday had minutes which made me messy. Monday had minutes which made me miffed. Monday made me moody.

I am loving the letter ‘M’ today. ✨

But, I didn’t like the Monday I had. Also, there were moments which could have gone worse but they were saved by some marvelous men. 🙂

Good Sunday.

I put an alarm to get up early this morning despite having a holiday. Guess what happened? My phone’s battery was low at night and I hadn’t put it on charge and it just died resulting in no alarm and extended sleep. My phone knows me better than anyone else! 😛

I had a superb morning and afternoon which I spent watching India vs New Zealand’s 2nd test match. There was so much intenseness and wonderful play by both the teams.

The evening was spent doing an  assignment which I haven’t completed even by now.

Another week starts tomorrow and I hope it’ll be good. 

Let Go (Stay) 

There’s a thing I’ve observed in my life- whenever I decide to let go off things, they come back and hold me even more tightly. They make me think that I was doing something wrong by letting go when I was correct and should have never got it back.

But, it is the tendency of all the things in my life- they come back and they stay. Stay as they never left. Stay as nothing happened. Stay as it was meant to be.

The second time, things are more real, more effective and more lovely. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the things for the first time it happens. I do and will always continue to do so because I never know what(who) will stay without leaving me?