Waking Up

It suddenly feels as if the connection we had is abruptly broken.
Just like a dream broken when we wake up. The details of the dream slowly blurring away, seeming distant with each passing second of being awake.

After few minutes, the dream doesn’t seem real at all questioning our minds if it really happened or not.

Thus, when you try to recall the moments dreamt, it seems far away, situated in a land of impossibilities.

It feels just the same today, as if I dreamt about you and now I’m on the verge of forgetting it completely which scares me because if this is not a dream then why it is seeming like one?


Live, Love, Let Go.

You’ve to be there, present in every moment, living it to the fullest. Because, if you don’t, you won’t be able to relive it while you sit at your favorite spot looking at the stars and the moon, enjoying the cold breeze brushing your face.

Also, you’ve to understand that you don’t have to be completely attached to someone or some moment because then you’ll be stuck forever in that moment; unable to come out of it and experience something new and better again.

Live the moment, love the moment and learn to let the moment go too.

(Only at the right time.)

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At first the bare blue sky,

With not a single cloud floating by,

The sun beating down like never before,

Someone yet says, climate change no more.

Then comes fragments of little white clouds,

Decorating the sky with abstractness,

Bringing the breeze for some soberness,

Picturesque, nevertheless.

The clouds change color from blue to gray,

Covering the sky majorly,

The wind picks up speed,

Heating the earth a little more,

With a little thunder and lightning,

The sky thereatens of shattering,

Yet waiting for some more battering.

Finally when it couldn’t hold on more,

Comes down the shower of water cold,

Making things look new like never before,

The weather changes on it’s own.

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no pun intended

That moment full of butterflies,
Of screaming yet staying silent,

Of blushing yet yelling to act as if nothing is making you grin from ear to ear,

Of just feeling that the world is just correct,

Is nothing less than magic.


to new beginnings! 

I cannot believe that today is really happening. Every moment of the day felt so unrealistic that I’m still wondering if this is a fragment of my thought or whatever happened today was really real.

Life has unique ways to surprise you. When you want something, life will have different plans for you and won’t pay any head to your wishes at all. Then, when you finally start looking for alternative ideas, life will come and surprise you in every possible way.

Moreover, valahd accomplishes a whole year of blogging. This is another surprise to me because when I started to write this blog last year on this very day, I did not think that I would be writing for a year on the trot. I merely started writing for kicking out my Writer’s Block and here I’m today shedding a tear or two on my blog’s truimph.

A hearty​ thanks to all the followers and readers for being a support throughout this year. I hope to receive even more love from everyone in the future as well.

Fly, I say! 🌻


It felt correct,

When I said what was meant to be said,

Without thinking about it,

Over and over again in my head.

Dumping the vulnerability,

Shunting the shyness,

Being scared of God knows what,

Impromptu, today, at its best.

I would want more of this,

If only it could never end,

The smiles and the laughters,

It just felt correct.

Spill the Beans

The look would be horrid,

Certainly as my mood,

If I poured down the cup of coffee,

On her pretty book.

How I wish I wasn’t there,

How I wish you were with me,

Not when the coffee spilled,

But when we made the run out of that sin.

It’s miserable and cunning,

To do something you dislike,

Or rather not be able to do what you love,

Just like spilling the cup of coffee,

On that pretty little book.