I was running since morning. I hate doing that. I wasn’t running to my work or some place. I was running away from the reality, the moment. Avoiding would be a better word. Face it, I told myself. But, it was already late. The moment gone, the reality faded until tomorrow, a new day, a new reality bringing a fresh opportunity to face it. Hopefully.


Disguised Sunday.

Totally planned yet making me furious, this Sunday was disguised.

Made my mind and did something else, this Sunday was disguised.

Little nuisances and big anger depositions, this Sunday was disguised.

Surprising yet irritating, this Sunday was disguised.

Stuck yet moving.

You’ve been walking on a path you never planned to walk on. Reluctant at first but courageous enough to choose it.

Now, you’ve come a long way from where you started. You know that a step behind will affect so much to the destination that you don’t dare to even look behind.

Suddenly, a tap on the shoulder makes you realize that you were never alone or maybe never walking ahead. 




For sure.

Messed up

What’s better an afternoon when you can lazily lie in your bed and read a book on a Friday? I just did that in the afternoon after I slept to my heart’s content. (I think, not the heart’s content, but to my mind’s)

But, the thing is, people are so annoying. (I don’t think this needs any explanation)

At present I’m wondering about the 3rd test match between India and England which is starting tomorrow.

Random scattered thoughts toured my head throughout the day and in this blog as well. Well, everything is messed up in some or the other way. 

Bored and confused

I don’t feel like writing my blog today. I’m bored and I’m confused about many things happening recently and in need of a break.

How ironical is that? We just had break from college for more than a month and I need another one. Yeah, maybe because, it was not really a break.

That’s it. I’m not in a mood to write. 


There have been nights when falling asleep feels like the most difficult task ever. It just doesn’t happen. You toss and turn, keep your eyes shut, relaxing your body, setting your thoughts aside and listening to the tick-tock of the clock or the beats of your heart, but sleep won’t come.

Also, there are certain nights when you are so sleepy that you don’t remember walking towards your bed and falling asleep. The relaxation, eyes shutting, heart beating doesn’t matter at all.

Also, there are certain nights when you wake up in numerous times because of no reason in particular or when someone with whom you’re sharing the room has put an alarm and doesn’t hear it ringing and keeps snoozing it for more than 3 hours.

Yeah, last night was like that. Who puts an alarm of 3 am and not wake up to even put it off and not even wake up till 7 am?!

I swear I’ll cancel the alarms if that is happening again.

Walk past

​Walk past,

Feel nothing.

Walk past,

It’s electric.
Walk past,

Feel nothing.

Walk past,

Walk past,

Feel nothing.

Walk past,

Walk past,

Feel nothing,

Walk past,