Out of place.

There are times when you sit among your friends and still feel out of place because you cannot understand a word they are speaking or laugh on the jokes they crack.
There are times during a lecture when you try your level best in concentrating of what the professor is teaching but you just are out of place and after the lecture ends you realize that you don’t even know what the professor was teaching about.
There are times when you’re reading a book and keep on reading and re-reading the same paragraph again and again because you don’t understand what is written.
What do you think you are gone during that out of place moments?
Are you somewhere in the cosmos among the stars and the moon soaring happily or are you among the volcanic lava which is waiting for the moment to burst out?
Are you in search of yourself who is lost in the moment and out of place?
Or are you at the perfect place, where you should be, but you’re not because you’re stuck somewhere else?
I only hope that, wherever you’re, you find yourself and love yourself. Because, you’re no less than the whole wide world to someone.

Present only~

The moment you think that everything is so awesome and brilliant is the last moment of that happy moment. Maybe because you really dug in that moment and tear it into bits and pieces and don’t enjoy the moment at all. Or maybe you just over think over that happy moment; thinking about why that happened, how that happened and thinking about the same one thing again and again and again which keeps you awake all night and makes you worry the whole day.

Moral of all the things written above: LIVE IN THE PRESENT. DON’T OVER THINK. BE HAPPY. 🙂

The black hole.

She was seated in an almost empty train when she felt that something inside her was swallowing her whole. She felt a pang of horror and told herself that everything was normal. As if, nothing was wrong in the world. Only to realize that the pull was greater now. She didn’t know what was happening to her. Nor did she know why. But, there was a ray of light beaming in that black hole which wanted her true self back by sucking the negativity in her.

She never felt better than before. 🙂

A day of memories~

I call it a trait in myself because I like to click photos but I don’t like to see them ever again!
And today, since morning I’m stumbling across one or the other old pictures of myself, my friends, family and of other things too. Along with those pictures come numerous memories which makes me feel even worse.
Worse because, I want all the people in the photograph to be with me forever but many of them aren’t even talking to me on this very day. Which hurts badly.
There were days of happiness and photographs and now are days of only memories and remembering what we used to be, what we used to talk about and what made us laugh. I remember each and every thing, which is another trait of mine.
Then, I ask myself, can’t we be like before?
Now, if anyone reads my blog, should answer my question that do you ever feel the way I do?
Or, what do you suggest me to do in this state?

P. S.: I’m not changed. I’m still here to talk to everyone. #IYKWIM


New day of a new week, yet another Monday!
I don’t know, I just dislike Mondays. The name itself drains out my positivity. Anything and everything doesn’t just go right on a Monday which just empties my patience level and tolerance towards even the smallest thing in existence.
I’m right now, so pissed off on my anger that I just want to silence every noise in the world and walk on a beach. Which isn’t possible. So, this is annoying. Yay.
Also, I didn’t see the match today. Which is even more annoying. I should stop. Yep. Bye.

Understanding the misunderstood.

Understanding is a statement which almost each one of uses everyday. Understanding also creates the biggest fuss in our lives. Understanding is something which can either make a relationship work or break. The love, the trust, the faith will all become secondary if you don’t have any understanding within yourselves.

But, one must understand that understanding can vary from person to person. Understanding arises from the thoughts and if the thoughts are not clear, the understanding is not will not be possible.

My understanding of a certain thing might be different from your understanding of that situation and the situation cannot be overcome until and unless we both understand each other. Also, if only one person keeps on understanding and compromising every time, one day he might just refuse to understand you and then you will be judgmental and claim him that he always misunderstands you.
Well, wasn’t that your misunderstanding?

In hope of a peaceful night.

As I sit now tired of all the chaos of the long day with the wind blowing my hair and the music bursting in my ears, I want to get up and dance on its tunes and just get lost in some partying world. But, I’ve hurt my knee and I’m just sitting and looking at the moon who is playing hide-&-seek with the clouds and me.

Tonight, it’s a peaceful night of sorts. It better be! The day was a headache.