Be as peaceful as the ocean is. 
Listen to the sounds except your own voice and you’ll realize that there is so much in the world which you don’t see, feel, listen and think about.

Try shutting your mouth for a while and stay peaceful with your thoughts. Feel the difference in yourself then.

P.S.: I didn’t want this blog to be this way. Damn the slow internet connection. 



Just four letters but you hardly ask for it, do you?

And if you do, you won’t ask for it to someone you don’t believe in.

For some of us, we ask for help only when we are almost at the end of our capability of finishing task on our own. Maybe even losing the hope to carry it on ahead.

Help, because you don’t want to give up. Help, because it’s easy to give up but brave to continue. Help, because you’re being looked upon. Help, because you can.

Memories for life

Oh, for how I like being in there,

With the music and the energy.

With souls lively and bright,

Making memories for life.
Glaring outside the window,

While going back to abode,

The passing lights flickering,

And watching the moon rise.

Oh, how I like being there,

Making memories for life.

Hard and StrongĀ 

The screams are muffled,

By the storm of the thoughts,

Not one clear,

Entangling for sure.
Thinking of all the times,

I smiled and accepted things,

Now, it’s annoying,

Lost again?

Do you think?
My head is exploding,

Skull merely strong,

The emotions will come out,

Hard and strong.


Isn’t my life getting mundane? Ain’t I doing the same things all over the day and the week? Damn, I feel like leaving everything and just going away somewhere peaceful where no one is nagging me every single minute of the day. Certainly, pissed off. 


I was running since morning. I hate doing that. I wasn’t running to my work or some place. I was running away from the reality, the moment. Avoiding would be a better word. Face it, I told myself. But, it was already late. The moment gone, the reality faded until tomorrow, a new day, a new reality bringing a fresh opportunity to face it. Hopefully.

Disguised Sunday.

Totally planned yet making me furious, this Sunday was disguised.

Made my mind and did something else, this Sunday was disguised.

Little nuisances and big anger depositions, this Sunday was disguised.

Surprising yet irritating, this Sunday was disguised.