Forget it?

Why do people always say, ‘Forget It’, ‘Forget That Time’, ‘Forget This…Forget That’?

Why should you forget anything?

The time you spent with someone smiling, laughing and enjoying should not be forgotten even when that person is not there in your life at present. Why should that joy be thrown away when even today it’ll give you immense pleasure and bring a smile on your face without any realization of it?

I was thinking about this very thing today. I passed through some places and saw myself walking there, smiling and talking in the past and in present, I remembered each and every word I was told in the same tone with the same expression. Even though it’s gone and it will (maybe) never happen again, but that second, that minute, that hour and that day was perfect and happy which still makes me happy. Then why should I forget it? Why?


0 Words Typed.

0 words typed.

The cursor is blinking on my white, blank screen since the last 30 minutes and I couldn’t type out anything for today. But, when I saw 0 words typed at the bottom of the screen, I had something to write on. I am writing on nothing. I’m writing on 0 words typed.

How amazing it is, isn’t it? Writing on absolutely nothing?

I had read somewhere, 0 is the best number to start from. From  you can only go ahead. Like, to the 1st place and be the best. But, to be the best, you have to be on . So, maybe I’ll be at least good one day.

So, by now I’ve typed more than 100 words and see from where I started. Certainly, I’m growing.

Amidst of.

Amidst the chaos of the universe, she dreams of a peaceful day with the wind blowing in her hair and her mind free of worries.
Amidst the worries of her mind, she dreams of happy moments and laughter.
Amidst the sadness which surrounds her every time she’s alone, she dreams of at least someone who could hold her when she’s falling apart.
Amidst wondering of someone, she dreams of all those pretty words you tell her.
Amidst the poetry of your words, she dreams of being the happy girl you always talk about.
Amidst of your love, she dreams of forever.

When was the last time you laughed?

When was the last time you had a real proper laugh where you try not to laugh but you cannot stop yourself from laughing. When your eyes are filled with tears of extreme happiness and joy and your stomach aches from all the laughter? When you are really falling on the floor and rolling with laughter? When?

In this stupidly crazy world of today, in all those struggles we face to accomplish a task, we forget to laugh. We forget to give ourselves the time or opportunity where we will be relieved of all our stress by one single laughter and be more energetic towards whatever task we are supposed to do.

Also, has anyone realized how beautiful a person looks while laughing? If not, go and see any stranger laugh on the street, you’ll automatically find him/her attractive.  It also burns calories~

I wish you find a reason to laugh everyday! 🙂


Didn’t I say yesterday that don’t keep any expectations and you’ll be surprised with all the things life throws at you? Well, this morning I got up with all ‘negative’ expectations. For example, I expected that the train I had to take today will be over-crowded and all my internal organs will be crushed exponentially. I thought that today’s lecture will be all boring and I will say to myself that “I shouldn’t have come today.” and I will ruin my mood for the whole day.

But, before I proceed to tell you what really happened, one small bit of information: In India, it is said that if a black cat crosses your path, it’ll bring bad luck to you. No, I don’t believe in this superstition nor did any black cat crossed my path this morning. But, a Royal Enfield-er did. I almost got myself killed by him. (Okay, I’m over-exaggerating here!)  But, I really like Royal Enfield’s and Harley Davidsons and all those amazing looking bikes! 😛 So, it wasn’t bad luck, it was GOOD LUCK which crossed my path! Because the train was not overcrowded but okay-ish-ly full and my internal organs were intact. The best part was the rickshaw ride till my college. I’ll just write one word for it- AMAZING. (No, I’m not revealing the inside story! 😛 )

Things went in the flow after I reached college and the lecture was also good; not boring. I was getting bored before writing this blog and I’m already feeling bored because I don’t know what will I do after I end this. Okay, an idea just popped in my head. I’ll write my one wish in every blog from now. Sometimes, it might not be directly written. You can too, comment your one wish for the day every day! Today’s wish is mentioned indirectly somewhere up there!


P.S.: I love the songs of the movie ‘If I Stay’. The movie is a book adaptation and the songs are just awesome!



Nothing to write.

Well, today is one of the days when I have nothing to write. I was thinking since morning about what to write tonight for the blog but, now when the day is almost over, I cannot think of any potential topic to write on. It’s not de-motivating, it’s okay. Sometimes, when you are looking for something, you never tend to find it. I’ve observed this in my case that whenever I’m expecting something to happen, it will never happen at that time but I’m not that kind of a person who can give up thinking easily. So, I’ve to continuously tell myself to not to think about a certain thing for around a long time!

There are few things going on in my mind about which I’m telling myself to stop thinking completely. It’s working sometimes and sometimes I struggle doing it, but, I know, I will be successful one day. See, even though I didn’t have anything to write on, I wrote about something!

Also, my internet wasn’t working while I wrote this and I thought of posting this tomorrow morning but, I couldn’t sleep before posting this so, I got up to find a way to post this and internet started working. Yay!

I jumped off the train!

Caution: Do not attempt this act. It could cause you harm. No, it’s not a suicide!

It is raining incessantly in Mumbai since last few days and eventually the life line of Mumbai had to get affected. Yesterday, the trains on the central line were running with a delay of 30 minutes and this morning every Mumbaikar had expected to find crowded trains with a delay of minimum 15 minutes. But, to everyone’s surprise, the trains were on time. Or, at least my train was on time!

My day started with attending lectures at 8 in the morning (even though it started at 9!)  and then I’d decided to come back home ASAP because I just wanted to be at home today! So, I left college by 11 and caught a Dombivli Slow train from Vidyavihar. I had a feeling that I should get down at Ghatkopar or Thane to catch a fast local but I didn’t do that; I don’t know why! So, as I was about to reach Dombivli, my train halted due to no signal and I saw a Karjat Fast going with desperation in my eyes. 15 minutes later, I was still in the Dombivali local which was just a 100 meters away from the station, halted. It was given a red signal because a train had derailed at Kalyan station and rain and blah blah.

Then, I saw Ambernath fast arriving at Dombivli station and I told my fellow passengers that I’m going to catch that train anyhow! Meanwhile, few of the passengers from my train were getting down and walking towards the station; few of them were women and children who wanted to reach their schools for their examination. Thus, when I saw Ambernath Fast approaching, I sat down on the edge of the door told myself, “land on both of your feet and don’t break your head!”, took a deep breath and jumped down. Luckily the Ambernath Fast was stopped too just before it entered the station, I walked towards the Ladies First Class and climbed up smilingly.

I never felt so proud of myself and amazed too by doing such a thing.