First Thought

What is the first thought which comes in your head when you wake up? Does that thought make you smile or just wants you to keep lying in our bed, blanket above your head, trying to avoid the follow up thoughts from hitting your mind?

I believe, whatever comes in your mind first thing in the morning is something which matters to you at the juncture of life where you are at. Maybe that thing will not matter to you in a week or a month but, today, now, matters. Take efforts to think about it with little more concentration and work for it. Maybe that one thing could hold the power to change your life completely.

And, just so if you didn’t know, You can do it. 

but first, coffee?

Know This.

You’ve to know this that when you leave someone behind, you don’t have to go back at the same place to see how they are doing.

You’ve to know this that you leaving them might just give them another chance to redeem themselves and cross all the boundaries you had set up unknowingly.

You’ve to know this that you have helped them by giving an opportunity to live life really and find someone after they realize that the time they gave you was not worth it all.

You’ve to know this and accept that you’re not perfect for everyone.

Need to?

you need to leave me right now if you don’t want to hurt me.

you need to leave me right now if you don’t want to love me back.

you need to leave me right now if you don’t feel the way I feel when I’m with you.

you need to leave me right now if you don’t feel the same way when I’m not without you.

you need to leave me right now because I’m scared to fall in love with you and you’ll not be in love with me maybe.

you need to leave me right now because I’m scared that you’ll eventually leave me.

you can leave me right now but do you need to?

I hope not. Prove me wrong. 

not writing a blog today

How about me not writing a blog today and telling you a story instead?

A story about a person who writes blogs every day or night perhaps because it has become her habit after almost 10 months.

The story is, one day she starts writing her blog like this, ‘how about me not writing a blog today…’ and continues to write about a person who blogs each each and you might guess what’s​ happens next, right?

smart readers!

the truth is out! lol

be the poet

I was searching for a poet,

who could express my feelings,

with his deep words,

and make it look like magic.

there was something missing,

in each poem I read though,

something that just couldn’t ​fit,

the magic maybe.

then I sat with a quill dripping with ink,

and filled the parchment,

with words the poets couldn’t write,

and created magic likewise.

i’ll be the poet and you, poetry.

Be happy, silly. 

There’s a child in you which never wants to grow up and continue to do silly things.

But, there’s this adult you’re becoming each day when you control yourself from not overdoing the silliness or otherwise what would people say?

I’ll tell you what, do the silly things because that will make you happy. We all need to grow up but not on the stake of the sacrifice we make for our happiness. Though, there is a line we should not cross. The line which can make us look like an insane rather than being lively.

A Happy Ending 

Sometimes I think why I am doing something which I don’t like to do and then I think why don’t I just leave it?

I don’t know why I’m doing certain things and​ I don’t know why cannot I leave them too.

I think because of the feeling that it all will end soon and I don’t want the end to ruin because we all have been taught about the happily ever after, right?

But, will it be a happy end or the circle just keeps on repeating and all the things just come back to me again in my case?

Life is like a maze right now. A happy ending would be preferable.