I’ve never ever experienced Mumbai locals running before time. This morning I’d to run and catch the train before it left the station and it was A minute before time. Later, while coming back the train was a little late but still, I’d to run and catch it.

The whole morning was full of anxiousness and race. I was trying to calm myself down and tell myself, you’re amazing! Damn, it took a lot of convincing today!

India won the test match. I finished a part of my assignment and I’m super tired right now. ~


Oh blues, stay away!

This was the most relaxing and happy Sunday as far as I can remember.

Watching the match for the whole day, watching my favorite sports presenter after so many days, finishing my book finally and writing a good poem for a friend were the prominent good things happened today.

The book was amazing. The way it grips you is extraordinary. The characters will make you think about the plots and the twists that might take place and you’ll keep on wondering who is doing what and who is good and who is bad. I recommend you to read if you haven’t read it by now. ‘The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins’ 

But, you know the Monday blues start from the Sunday night itself and that’s what is happening now. Oh blues, stay away!

Yo! I’m happy! 

What an amazing morning I’ve had today! I couldn’t sleep last night I don’t know why but I was surprisingly energetic when I got out of the bed.

I learnt a new thing this morning. Well, I knew about it but I’d never experienced it close hand. I was in a situation where I was told to give up doing what I wanted to do but I plainly declined to give up and within seconds I was sailing smoothly to victory.

Then, I listened to some superb songs while catching the train and was in a super good mood throughout my journey. My fellow passengers might be staring at my smile and my care-free behavior but, I didn’t care about what they thought about me.

The book I was reading yesterday is still being read by me and it’s getting even more thrilling. I wonder what will be its end! Let’s stop writing then!

Skip Writing?

I started reading ‘The Girl on The Train’ today while watching the day 2 of the test match being played between India and New Zealand. It was a good day and I’ve been writing this blog since last 30 minutes because I’m being distracted by my sibling and being told to skip writing today’s blog. But, no, I’ve decided that I’ll write something every day and I’ll do that until and unless something really bad happens.

I’m eager to finish the book, but it is a long way to go and it is very gripping and suspensive. Let’s see how it goes on. 🙂

Pathetic Day 

I’ve made some bad decisions in my life and I’ve repeated the worst of them again and again. Today was no different. The test series between India and New Zealand started today which happens to be the 500th Test Match of India and I went to college. Yeah, this was my mistake. On a match day, I keep a stone on my heart and go out of my house and leave my mind at home because all I want to do for the entire day is see the Match. It was a pathetic day.



Everything changes. Change is the only constant in our life. Though some of us might not like change, but we cannot help things from changing, can we?

Gradually, despite grudging about the change throughly, we get used it and try to mould ourselves accordingly. For keeping up in the society, staying focused on our dreams and moreover to live or rather I should say, Survive.

It becomes okay eventually. Everything which has changed becomes okay. You don’t even realize that it was in some other way earlier. You get used to it. You’ve to. Darwin said, Survival  of the fittest.

But, don’t only survive, live and live happily. Okay?


What’s your favorite kind of weather and what do you do in such weather?

According to my current mood, my favorite kind of weather is when there is a constant cool breeze blowing with bright blue sky and fluffy shape changing clouds floating in the sky with an occasional sun.

But, currently, it is raining like cats and dogs and thought the weather is cool, but it annoys me because every time I’ve to go out, it’ll start raining super heavily.

I want such days to be declared a holiday and I will spend them while reading a nice book bundled up in my favorite blanket. Hahahahahah! I’m such a lazy girl.

By the way, the book I was reading yesterday is really good. It didn’t make me cry, but it is engulfing. Try to get a copy of it and read it. The name of the book is Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider.