Doesn’t everyone say opportunities knock only once? I used to agree to that phrase too,  until today. Opportunities can knock twice and they can knock the air out of you for the second time! 😛

Also, it is not always that the opportunities will knock at your door. Sometimes, you’ve to make the door and leave it slightly open to let the opportunity in. And once it puts one step inside the door, just catch it’s leg and drag it in. Don’t let it leave from the door. Otherwise, building the door will be totally worthless.

So, if the opportunity knocks, open it. Or invite it by making a door. Or just pray that you’re lucky that the opportunity knocks for the second time! 😉

Monday went on a vacation.

First day of college after a long 2 month summer break is the best thing ever. But, eh, Monday again. Monday blues again. I’d thought the same last night before falling asleep. But, I woke up with a smile on my face because of some pretty dreams and a positivity in me and the environment.
So, I thought, that I won’t let the Monday blues ruin my mood and day.

Eventually, Monday himself went on a vacation with its blues because the day was quite awesome. Nothing big or surprising or special happened but,  it was good.

Even though, the day went well, I would like to say that if you don’t want to listen to anyone’s opinion or just want to make your own self rule in any situation, you’re having some serious trouble with yourself and patience cannot be kept forever by the other person. Listen. Think and Do.


There are lot of ideas which are flowing out of my mind but I’m finding it hard to catch one of them and make a story out of it. Maybe because I’m not concentrating enough on those ideas and my mind is settled on to something else or maybe just because my mind is lazy just because it’s a Sunday!

So, I just spent half of my Sunday by having breakfast while watching TV. Having Maggi while watching this amazing series of ‘Life in Pieces’ to which I’m slightly addicted since 2 days and thinking what to write!~
Anyways, a new week begins tomorrow and a new semester, a new beginning of college. It’s going to be strange in many ways.

Hopefully, it’ll be a good one for all my friends. *fingers crossed*

Till then, it’s Rolland Garros Finals time. Go, Djoko!

Alone in the fish bowl.

I look here,
I look there,
Only to see the empty air,
Where did every one go?

I had a friend better than the world,
Together we swirled and swirled,
Now, where did he go?

I had two little ones,
Tinier than a magical happen-stance,
Now, where did they go?

I had a best friend too,
Who wished for water deep blue,
Where did she go?

Up again each morning,
I swim slow and low,
Is this some kind of warning?
Tell me where did everyone go?


My fish inspired me today! She’s alone because every other fishes died. :/ I was just wondering how alone she might be feeling in there.

Super-Duper Bored Man!

Super-duper bored man,
Has nothing to do,
Super-duper bored man,
Loves a sunset view.

Super-duper bored man,
Thinks of doing magic,
Super-duper bored man,
It’ll surely be something tragic.

Super-duper bored man,
Brings a hat and a rabbit,
Super-duper bored man,
Eats raw carrot as a nervous habit.

Super-duper bored man,
Swishes and flicks his magic wand,
Super-duper bored man,
Turns the rabbit into a blonde!

Super-duper bored man,
Gets scared of his own trick,
Super-duper bored man,
Runs away far and quick!

P.S.: I have another version of SDBM too. Maybe I’ll upload it some time later! This is like a rhyming poem for little kids! I didn’t have any other topic to write on today!

Hope you’ve enjoyed! 😛



2nd June, 2016.

“Somethings are meant to be when they are meant to be”

Time is a genius factor in our lives. Time is not the hands of the clock circling mechanically over and over again. It is neither about the hours of a day which collectively make days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries. Time is the current moment that you are living NOW. Look, it just passed by!

What you do now, in this moment, in this time will make the next ‘time’ happen. Live in the time. Time is never old. It is now and will always be now.

Good day!

Mid-Year Beginning

“Sometimes the silence makes the loudest thoughts roar in the world”

1st June, 2016.

Every writer is asked this one question quite often, What inspires you to write such amazing write-ups? or Why do you write? These questions are like you are asking a fish, do you know swimming?
But, truth to be told, we, writers, sometimes don’t know ourselves why are we writing some things. The ideas just flow into our minds and we just put them down on the paper. If I answer the second question, well, I Write Because I Want To Write. It gives me a sense of freedom with the words and sentences and I like how my mind transforms those words and sentences into a sensible write-up.

Another phenomenon which a writer might face in his/her life is “Writer’s Block”. This is a phase where a writers cannot come up with how to write or proceed with the idea of writing. I am not ashamed of admitting that I am/was going through writer’s block from last 8-9 months or so; and for a writer to not be able to write or put the chaos of the mind onto the paper and making them expressible is disastrous. It could shatter their confidence in doing anything and everything. It could lead to deep thinking about why I cannot write like before and amnesia which might lead to depression too. It is not an easy phase to go through.

My writer’s block is/was similar. I sometimes thought that I should pick up a different career than journalism. But, in what else did I excel in other than writing? Um, nothing! So, this idea of a blog came up, where I can write whatever I want to write, whether it is good or not. I just want my writing self back! That’s what I’m going to do. Get my writing self back!

P.S.: I’m still not sure whether my writer’s block is over or not that is why past and present tense is used at some places.
*Wish me luck!*

Thank you for reading!