Re-living the Moments 

As if I can see us sitting there where they are sitting now:

Before seeing them sitting in the same place as us, I never knew we would be looking so similar to them on that very day. Believe me, nostalgia hits you hard. 

The wind is blowing their hair in the summery weather keeping the conversations light hearted and full of smiles. Before now, I didn’t know that you can smile and talk at the same time. Now, when I know this, I think about all the time my cheeks hurt after spending time with you. Crazy, right?

When I look at her, I see visions of my own self; tucking the hair behind the ear, locking and unlocking the phone because, damn, she’s nervous. So, was I, many times.

When I look at him, I see the same actions repeating again; fixing your hair by waving your fingers and just ruffling the short hair at the back of your head. We know that action of boys, don’t we, when they put their hand on their neck and try to act cool? Yeah, that.

Then, when the conversations have died down but the smiles still fixed on their faces, each one of them is trying not to look at each other.

Damn, I wish they did. I wish they saw how much the other one was controlling to not to look at the other person just the way I’m seeing right now.

I bet what she’s thinking when she looks out of the window of the train. Is she jumping in head because she got to spend time with him or shes just saying to herself, ‘please don’t tell me this is a dream!’ or just wishing for the time to just stop and wish for the moment to never end. I was experiencing all the above emotions at million miles an hour in my head when I looked out of the window that day. 

Then the magical spell breaks and just like these two who lived this moment for the first time, maybe there would have been someone who might have lived my first time again that very day. 

They say that you cannot relive the moments which are gone, I say, they’re wrong. You can re-live the moments. Maybe, just not with them by your side again. But, they way I did today.

finding this photo relating to today is entirely magical​!

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